35 years in Christian Education Honorees

35 years in Christian Education Honorees


The CEA organization exists to

  1. inspire, encourage, and support Christian educators

  2. build community

  3. provide opportunities for professional growth as reformed Christian educators

  4. provide opportunities for spiritual growth and encouragement.

Our Mission

The mission of the Christian Educators Association is to inspire and support Christian educators and encourage community by providing opportunities for spiritual and professional growth based on God's Word.


Our History

CEA (Christian Educators Association) began with the first meeting of the Michigan Christian Teachers Association in 1924. Over the years the CEA has grown from the 140 Michigan teachers who attended that first convention to the almost 1700 who attend today.

Today the CEA holds its annual convention for teachers and administrators from the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan (CSI Districts 2, 3 and 4) and even various other states at times. While the convention sites change (South Bend, Grand Rapids and Milwaukee), the basic purpose does not!

The original constitution-stated purpose for the Christian Educators Association was "to promote the welfare of the Christian Schools and the teachers". Today the Constitution (revised in 1988) states:


Our Purpose

The purpose of the organization (CEA) shall be to promote the welfare of the educators of the Midwest Christian Schools by:

A. Providing professional leadership
B. Propagating the cause of Christian education
C. Providing for annual conventions and other meetings

Today the CEA is:

A. The House of Delegates
B. The Governing Board
C. Convention Planning Committee

Coming together for the annual convention gives spiritual encouragement, an opportunity to see and share educational ideas, and great Christian fellowship.

What kind of schools are involved in CEA?

The Christian School may look like any other, but in reality it is a distinctively different place.

Prayer and Bible study are both a part of the daily activities in the Christian School - - and that is a big difference. However, the distinctive difference is that the Bible serves as the basis for ALL subjects, all day, every day. All learning and teaching is Christ-centered. What a difference THAT is! In the Christian School, there is a genuine concern for the total child - the mind, body, and soul of each one there. Of course, pupils learn those things necessary for living but the distinctive difference is that they are learning a life - a life of service to God and man.

Since the Christian School is private, non-denominational, and parent-controlled, a delightful intimacy exists between home and school. And that is a distinctive difference, too.

CEA remains committed to its members and stands ready to listen and act on behalf of its membership.