April 2017 Update

1.     Sign up today to serve as a Session Chairperson! We are looking for friendly smiles to introduce the presenter in each session and welcome the attendees. Sign up to be a 2017 CEA Chairperson.

2.    October, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We will be commemorating that anniversary in several ways at the 2017 CEA Convention. Two of those ways are listed below.

a.    Every Word Project – Together as an association, we will be proclaiming out loud every word of the scripture during the time of the convention. Sign up to read today!

i.     Sign up to proclaim from Genesis – Numbers.

ii.     Sign up to proclaim from Deuteronomy – II Samuel.

iii.     Sign up to proclaim from I Kings – Ezra.

iv.     Sign up to proclaim from Nehemiah – Psalms.

v.     Sign up to proclaim from Proverbs – Jeremiah.

vi.     Sign up to proclaim from Lamentations – Malachi.

vii.     Sign up to proclaim from Matthew – Acts.

viii.     Sign up to proclaim from Romans – Revelation.

b.    All of the sessions in the first time slot will either be on the Reformation or on Reformed thinking. What a heritage we have to celebrate and learn about.

c.     “Here I Stand” exhibit will be on display in the gym at Holland Christian High School on Thursday. The exhibit is made up of thirty accessible and engaging graphic art posters, including colorful maps and graphic-novel-style scenes, which showcase the Reformation’s beginnings, movement and impact over time.

3.     Two new items at the 2017 CEA Convention: Community Mural and Traveling Sensory Classroom

a.     Plan on participating in our 2017 Community Mural as part of our theme of Cultivating Community. You will be given the opportunity to contribute and the opportunity to watch the artist live as the mural is built at the convention.

b.     The Traveling Sensory Classroom will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, October 20 (a little earlier than everything else). This experiential workshop will help attendees understand what is it like to have Sensory Processing Disorder.

We look forward to seeing YOU on October 19 and 20 at Holland Christian High School!